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The Building Process Alliance is an international organization of architects, designers, builders, planners, researchers and educators committed to building places of enduring comfort, joy and human value.  Our main purpose is to support the creation of wholeness in the built environment: to develop the knowledge and practices necessary to build a world full of beautiful, sustainable places which enhance the life of those who dwell in them.  In practice, we work to create wholeness and order in the built environment by making places that are both personal and universal at every level of scale.  Whether the environment in question is a piece of furniture, a room, a building, a neighborhood, or an entire city or region, participants in the Building Process Alliance strive to create “living” places – environments that make the world a more beautiful, comfortable place for human life.

The Building Process Alliance focuses on:

  • The identification and analysis of places that contain these qualities of beauty, wholeness, and life.
  • The study and implementation of design and building processes and methods that allow us to create living environments.
  • Disseminating the work of and fostering communication among practitioners and scholars who are supportive of these ideals and methods.

The Building Process Alliance was founded in 2005 by former colleagues and students of Christopher Alexander, the head of the Building Process Area of Emphasis in the Department of Architecture at the University of California at Berkeley.  The work of the Building Process Alliance builds upon this common foundation and theoretical framework, and also explores new processes and approaches to creating wholeness and living structures in the built world.  The Building Process Alliance also acknowledges and connects with other disciplines that recognize the importance of unfolding wholeness in our understanding of the world, such as biology, computer science, art, and philosophy.  As an organization, the Building Process Alliance provides a forum and resource for this work through this website, sponsorship of international conferences, publication of a journal, and a listserv to communicate and share information with members around the world.